Price: TBA

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Ceremony coverage

2 hours - 50km radius

100 pictures on CD

Price: TBA

Ceremony and Formal / Garden (Bride & Groom)

3 hours - 50km radius

150 pictures on CD

Price: TBA

Ceremony, Formal / Garden (Bride & Groom) and Reception (Formalities)

5 hours - 50km radius

250 pictures on CD, 75 prints (15x10) & 4 prints (30x20)

Price: TBA

Ceremony, Formal / Garden (Bride & Groom) and Full Reception & Guests

7 hours - 50km radius

400 pictures on CD, 150 prints (15x10),  20 prints (18x13) & 6 prints (30x20)

Price: TBA

Tailor made to suit your requirements. Components from this package can be added to any of the above packages or to customise your own unique package.

Price: TBA

Various packages depending on exact requirements


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In as little as 6 months, the menu, the passage from the scripture and even the flaws of the Master of Ceremony is long forgotten.


Only the pictures will keep the memories of an awesome event lingering.


Memories should never be valued primarily in terms of numbers of prints a CD and/or a price tag.


My rates  for weddings are very reasonable and is dependent on the packages chosen.

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