I am a self-taught photographer specialising in studio photography, experimenting with studio lighting effects for my personal work. I have done numerous weddings and shoots with various models and make-up artists. I prefer to let my photographs talk for themselves.




My wedding photography combining elements of scenic, architectural and romantic styles. The following  describes my approach to wedding photography:


“The most important day in the life of two people in love, is the day of their wedding. This will happen only once in a lifetime and one does have only a once off opportunity to capture these memories”


The art of wedding photography is to see and capture moments in a way that the real meaning comes to mind every time one look at these pictures.


I cover the whole event from the venue where the Bride dress-up, the formal ceremony, the reception from start till end. 




I have my own fully equipped studio. I use my studio primarily for beauty, fashion, portraiture and product photography.

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Phone: 082 389 2579


HDM Photography

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